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About Genotaur

Genotaur, Inc. was formed in mid 2013 at La Jolla, California to apply advanced evolutionary computation techniques, cognitive computing, and complementary advanced communications technologies to create a seamless new ecosystem for human-computer interaction.  The Company plans to license its technology for use by a diverse array of strategic partners in the fields of Healthcare, Big Data Analytics/Visualization, Digital Entertainment, Robotics, Education, and Corporate Resource Management.

 As the paths of humans and technology continue to merge, new computing environments will not be like the pre-structured entities that humans have been using.   Genotaur will apply technology to create data-rich and intensive “feedback loops” with humans’ behavior to facilitate far closer and more subtle engagement with each individual user.   Intelligent evolutionary agents will be monitoring, analyzing and learning from a constant stream of individual preference data to create and deliver a custom experience tailored for each person.

 Our dynamically intelligent agents will be far better at understanding what humans WANT TO DO, are TRYING TO DO, and WOULD LIKE TO DO in their own individual computing environment.   Genotaur will be able to provide an effortless   human-technology engagement within these computational environments because the environments themselves will learn and understand what each user wants, and from examination of each individual data stream, work with us to become an aspect of ourselves, as opposed to being an external device.