Assembly “E.A.I.”

The Assembly “E.A.I.” (evolutionary artificial intelligence) is a very powerful multi-purpose computing platform, based within a simulated environment, populated with unique digital life forms that are constantly evolving and competing with each other for life-sustaining resources.  Those that adapt and survive long enough to reproduce (either sexually, or asexually) pass their digital “DNA” along to their progeny.  The process closely mirrors Nature’s process of random variation and natural selection. Genotaur’s latest “Assembly X” tech is perfectly suited for the “Software 2.0” Toolchain Movement

What is Assembly?

Assembly is a platform that links several other functional technologies and is:

  • A novel process for semi-supervised optimization.
  • A rule-based physical, genetic, and behavioral simulation system.
  • A genetic algorithm optimizing behavioral performance in relation to this simulation environment, based on goals of survival and user engagement.