The management and key development team members that comprise this venture are highly experienced in business, evolutionary computing science, art, virtual worlds, educational software, and the computer and videogame industry.

Tony Simpson

Chairman of the Board

Tony was the former President of Verizon Wireless' Hawaii-Northern California-Nevada Region. There he was responsible for sales, distribution, and financial performance with a customer base of 1.9 million and produced $1.5 billion in revenues, EBITA of $640 million, 54% operating cash flow margin and capital budget of $300 million. Tony was also the  Director of Business Sales at GTE Wireless, leading in sales organization for  over two years. He was the Director of Sales Planning at GTE, Atlanta. Also, the Director of Sales and Marketing in Tampa; and Business, Tampa. IBM, sales and marketing management. Additionally, Tony served as a Helicopter Pilot in the US Marine Corps.

Doug Johnson

President & Co-Founder

Twenty-three year computer and video game industry veteran. Founder and CEO of Quadra Interactive, Inc., winner of MacWorld Magazine's Fantasy Role Playing Game of the Year award, induction into the MacWorld Game Hall of Fame, and NewMedia Magazine's Invision Award forTechnical & Creative Excellence. Founder of Digenetics, Inc., creator of advanced digital intelligence technology for the game industry. Co-inventor of active game technology patents, including Digenetics® evolutionary game character technology. Business Development Advisor, Park Place Productions, Inc., producer of several most popular game titles ever, the original John Madden Football and NHL Hockey (Sega Genesis). Member of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Began his business career with IBM. Winner of the coveted IBM Excellence in Marketing Award.

Jim Bull

Executive VP, Corporate Development

Jim has been launching consumer products, video games and software, building sales teams and devising marketing strategies for over 35 years. He brings to our team, hands-on sales and marketing expertise gained will employed in key management positions at Mattel Electronics, Bell & Howell, CBS Inc., Activision, MicroProse, Strategic Marketing Partners and several other high profile firms. He currently specializes in early stage start up consulting and brand development across retail, internet commerce and direct to consumer channels.

Eliot L. Siegel, MD

Eliot L. Siegel, MD

Genotaur Advisory Board / R&D Team Member

Dr. Eliot Siegel is Professor and Vice Chair of Research Information Systems at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, as well as Chief of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine for the Veterans Affairs Maryland Healthcare System, both in Baltimore, MD. He is the director of the Maryland Imaging Research Technologies Laboratory. He has adjunct appointments as Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Maryland College Park and as Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus.

Dr. Siegel was recently appointed to serve with the National Library of Medicine’s Board of Regents.Under his guidance, the VA Maryland Healthcare System became the first filmless healthcare enterprise in the United States. He has written over 300 articles and book chapters about PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) and digital imaging, and has edited six books on the topic, including Filmless Radiology and Security Issues in the Digital Medical Enterprise. He has made more than 1,000 presentations throughout the world on a broad range of topics involving the use of computers in medicine.Dr. Siegel has won numerous teaching awards at the University of Maryland including medical school mentor of the year. He has been named as overall Radiology Researcher of the Year by his peers and separately as Educator of the year.

Dr. Siegel has also been selected by the editorial board of Medical Imaging as one of the top radiologists in the US on multiple occasions. He was overall symposium chairman for the Society of Photo-optical and Industrial Engineers (SPIE) Medical Imaging Meeting for three years, served as chair of Publications for the Society of Computer Applications in Radiology (SIIM) and has been honored as a fellow in that organization and has served multiple terms on the board of directors for SIIM. He served as chairman of the RSNA's Medical Imaging Resource Committee. Dr. Siegel also worked with the IBM “Jeopardy” team to help “educate” the “Dr. Watson” software in the field of medicine. His areas of interest and responsibility at both the local and national levels include digital imaging and PACS, telemedicine, the electronic medical record, and informatics and artificial intelligence in medicine.

Yelena Yesha, PhD.

Yelena Yesha, PhD.


Dr. Yelena Yesha is the Associate Director of the National Science Foundation’s Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR) and the site director of the Multicore Computational Center (MC2), and has been doing exciting research with cloud computing through the centers.   Through CHMPR and MC2, Dr. Yesha has been working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a technology roadmap for the federal government for Cloud Computing.  

In addition to her work with cloud computing, Dr. Yesha has been working on developing a computer tool for the prediction and prevention of certain diseases.   The goal of the project is a collaborative effort among Universities such as the University of Maryland Medical School, Florida Atlantic University, Technion Institute of Technology, and companies and organizations such as NOA Inc., IBM and NIST to create a web-based clinical decision support system that will combine a patient’s medical history with genomic and molecular medical findings to produce results that will allow doctors to administer improved, personalized, and in many cases, preventative healthcare.  

A long-term goal of her work is with pharmaceutical companies to help develop personalized drugs with the potential to revolutionize the health care industry by making it possible to pre-diagnose a patient with a debilitating illness so preventative treatment measures can be taken.

Erik Hill

Genotaur R&D Team Member

Experimental Game Lab Manager, University of California, San Diego

Lead developer for "Scalable City", an algorithmically generated 3D game environment, written in C++. Reduced city loading bandwidth by 80% by embedding deterministic generators into client. Devised simpler, 5x faster approach to replace IK solution for joint-based city architecture construction. Developed mesh generation/animation techniques, atmospheric pollution system, navigation system. "Scalable City" releases: Siggraph(’07), Exploratorium(’08), exhibitions in Europe, China, Brazil, etc. Created Gulf Oil Spill visualization utilizing NOAA wind/current models & elevation data, embedded

Wes Hawkins

wes2Genotaur R&D Project Team Member

Wes has pursued game design as a hobby, and ultimately a profession, since he was very young. From playing home-made board games with his friends in elementary school to programming elaborate multi-player simulations with the Unity game engine between classes at the University of California San Diego, Wes continues to hone a passion for interactive entertainment that he enjoys both professionally and in his spare time.  Wes' senior thesis project was to build a video game...all on his own!  We could not be more proud of his ability to single-handedly navigate the formidable technical and creative challenges in building such a polished final product.

Brian O'Rourke

Brian O'Rourke

Genotaur Advisory Board Member

Over 35 years senior financial, operational and administrative management experience in small, medium sized, Fortune 500 and start-up environments. Most recently, Mr. O’Rourke served as Chief Financial Officer, Directors Guild of America, Inc., a high-profile entertainment industry Federal Labor Union, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. In addition to the traditional Union and Member related activities, the Guild owns and operates office buildings and theaters in Los Angeles and New York City. He was responsible for Accounting and Finance, Banking and Investment Management, Risk management, MIS and employee benefits.

Prior to his service with the Directors Guild of America, he held senior financial management positions with Crysen Corporation, a $3+ Billion multistate petroleum refiner, trader, retailer and marketing company, Paramount Petroleum Corporation, a $350 Million Los Angeles based refiner and marketer, Emerald Oil, Inc., Los Angeles based start-up self-service gas station chain, Atlantic Richfield Company, and Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

BS – Engineering – United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland      

MBA-Finance – Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California

Jack Tretton

Jack Tretton

Genotaur Advisory Board Member

Jack is the immediate past CEO & president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA).  He has more than 30 years of consumer product expertise, including 28 years of direct experience in the video game industry. A recognized industry veteran, he provides a wealth of corporate business experience, including finance, marketing, merchandising, operations, product development, and sales.

Jack was with SCEA since its inception, when he joined in 1995 as director of sales, until leaving in April of 2014 after six years as CEO & president. As one of the founding members of the executive team, he played a pivotal role in making all PlayStation® platforms best sellers in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. During his tenure, Jack has also been responsible for achieving several industry milestones, including surpassing 50 million units of the PlayStation®2 in North America and most recently, selling more than one million PS4 units in 24 hours following the launch in North America.

Prior to joining Sony Computer Entertainment America, he worked for JVC Musical Industries, an international publisher of videogames, where he served as general manager. From 1986 to 1991, Jack held numerous high ranking positions, including vice president of sales with Activision. He also held marketing research and sales positions with Majers Corporation and Duracell, U.S.A.  Jack is the immediate past chairman of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

Rob Wyatt

Genotaur Advisory Board Member

26+ years of achievement in games, game systems, and high-end graphics, on every game console and hand-held game system, for the largest game console manufacturers in the world. Microsoft Senior Engineer, founding member and lead system architect of the original Xbox game console. Original member of Sony's elite ICE team (R&D team). Advisor and Consultant to Intel, Sony Computer Entertainment America. Consultant on PS3 research projects for leading edge game companies including Insomniac Games and Bionic Games. Cloud game streaming and rendering provider, OTOY, on client and server sides of next generation GPU rendering and computation architecture.